One Direction Fan Fiction "Love is Ours" Chapter 8

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*Niall’s POV*
It was 12.09 pm and I knew Ahayu was having break, so I decided to call him. Two rings then she picked it up, “Hey, love. How’s everything?” I could imagine her face so bright, I could tell it. “It’s all good. Hey nialler, once again congrats. You guys are going to perform live!” “Come on Ahayu.” I heard Abby’s voice at the background. “Okay, niall. I gotta go now. I’ll call you later. I love you.” “I love you too.” Then she hung up. I shoved my phone into my back pocket. I felt someone tapped on my shoulder; it was Liam, “How was it?” He asked. “Apparently she’s busy with the college stuff.” I forced a smile. “Okay let’s go. We still have a song to practice for the live show.” He walked toward a room that supposed to be our room to practice, I guessed.

*Dita’s POV*
We were at the room which was told by Frida supposed to be the room where the meeting was held. We slid in the room. I saw some of our friends were joining too, some seniors who talked about something seriously. I thought it hadn’t been started yet. I saw a brown with some blonde highlights haired boy coming toward us. He was cool for sure. He smiled, “Hey... You must be Frida, Dita, and Abby” he said pointing at each us in that direction. “Yes, we are.” Abby said smiling. “By the way, I’m Jake who phoned you last night.” He held out his hand. I took it, so did Abby and Frida. “Let’s start the meet, shall we?” He asked. We nodded in agreement; Abby put her fists on air, saying “Yay.” All the people there laughed. I thought she was the female version of Louis. Speaking of Louis, I miss my baby Zayn. I wondered what he was doing at the moment. I hadn’t texted him back after I got caught texting in a test. But, I would text him right after I found a place to land my bum.

*Abby’s POV*
The meeting was nice; we were going to have some rehearsals for the next Choir competition in three months. Finally, it was done. “Hey Frida, Dita, I’m going to go to the nando’s for a quick dinner then I’m heading home. See you later girls.” I waved at them and walked out the room. On my way home from nando’s; my phone rang, it was from Louis, “Hey my bear. How are you?” I said enthusiastic. He chuckled, “I’m so burdened.” I raised an eyebrow, “huh? What happen?” I asked him worriedly. He laughed. “Come on Lou, this isn’t funny.” But he kept laughing and a bit grunting, “No, It’s just Harry’s sitting on my back. Get off of me Harold..” I laughed, “I miss you, Lou.” “I miss you too babe. By the way, are you and the girls going to watch our first live performance?” I nodded, “Of course, I’ve been waiting to see you and the boys live performance.”

*Liam’s POV*
I could hear the scream from the audiences, my hands were sweating. It was our first time to sing live in TV. “Liam.” I heard a familiar voice called my name, I turned over and I saw Fathia was in the backstage, was walking towards me, and behind her were the rest of the girls. “Hey babe,” I buried her into my hug, I whispered into her ear, “I miss you.” “I miss you too Li.” She smiled, God, this smile was I missed the most. I snaked my hand around her waist. “Where’s Frida?” Harry asked. I saw her nowhere. “She said she would be here, maybe late since she had a meeting with Jake.” Ahayu said. “Who’s Jake?” Harry asked a bit tensed. Zayn patted his shoulder to calm him down, “Chill out, mate.” “He’s the Choir community chairman in the Uni. They are having a meeting, but Frida will make it quick.” “Good luck for the show, Zayn.” Dita said as she pecked his cheek. We had our good luck from the girls. Then they rushed out the backstage and sat on the audience seats.

*Frida’s POV*
I was running to the studio where it held the live performance. My meeting with Jake was supposed to be done in a half and an hour, but he told me to stay with for awhile as there was something to be sorted out, “I’m sorry Jake. I have to leave now. I’m going to watch my boyfriend’s live performance for the first time. I’ll be back right after the show’s done. I promise.” I said to Jake who looked a bit disappointed, “But..” His said was cut off, “I’m sorry Jake. Bye.” I ran outside the room and catch a cab. I thought it was my bad day as I had to take a walk. Blame the traffic since the walk people was moving faster than the cab. I decided to run to the studio three blocks away. Finally I made it. I sat down next to Ahayu, I panted, “How is it?” She turned to me, “They’re gonna perform soon.” And soon enough they finally performed.

*Ahayu’s POV*
It was Saturday, and we were about to go shopping. All of a sudden I heard a rush sound of someone ran. I looked at the hallway and saw the toilet door was open and someone was throwing up. I walked closer and found Fathia washed her mouth. “Hey Fathia, are you ok?” She nodded, but she was bad at lying so I knew something had happened, “No, you’re not. You look pale, you’ve got fever?” She shook her head and said, “I feel I always want to throw up whenever I try to eat.” I was a bit worried of my own thought. This couldn’t be happened. “Let’s go to the living room. It’s better there.”
We headed to the living room, I handed her a glass of water. She sipped it and tilted her head back; she closed her eyes and sighed. I knew something’s was not right. Then Dita, Abby and Frida entered the room. They put off their coats and hung it up. They joined us. Abby put her back of the hand on Fathia’s forehead. “Are you alright?” Once again, Fathia just nodded with still, her eyes closed, “Since a few days ago, I’ve thrown up every food I eat, and the smell of perfume makes me throw up as well.” Frida came sit next to Fathia, She bit her lower lip, “Oh no, I don’t think you’ll have it.” Dita asked, “What is it?” Frida looked at every of us, “I hope what I think is wrong. That throws up you’ve got. Have you got your period?” Fathia sat back up and looked at her, “That’s the other thing I worry about.” Frida jaw was open, “How long haven’t you got it? 2 months? 3 months?” she was closing her jaw with her hands. “I think 2 months.” It Hit it. I finally realised what Frida meant, with her all throws up, and this was it. “You should take the pregnancy test. I don’t know what to call that thing to check whether you’re pregnant or not. But you have to check it soon.” I suggested her. Fathia’s eyes widened open and so did Dita and abby. “Do you mean I’m pregnant?” her eyes began watering. Dita soothed her.

*Fathia’s POV*
I sat on the toilet and I took the test and had to wait about a minute or two to get the result. Slowly but sure I began to see one stripe. Please just one stripe, I said to myself. I was about to relief but then I saw the second stripes showed up. I could feel my eyes were watering. Two stripes on the pregnancy test pack, I smiled, I was going to have a baby and it was Liam’s. I had to tell him. But... No, I didn’t want to tell him soon, maybe later. I didn’t want to ruin everything. I just had to wait the right time to tell him. The door knocked, I got up and opened the door. It was Abby stood in the doorway, “how’s it?” she asked. “I’m pregnant.” I didn’t have any idea whether I should be happy or sad. She hugged me, “congratulation Fath!!” she shrieked happy then she pulled away. I forced a weak smile. “Hey what happened? Aren’t you happy?” she asked me worriedly. I sighed, “I have no idea.”
You’re going to keep the baby, aren’t you?”
Of course!” There was a silent, “I’m sorry Abby, and I just freak out.”
I know Fathia. If you need our help, we always get your back.” She assured me. I smiled. I had to tell him about this, but in the other hand I didn’t want to ruin his dream. He was living his dream.

*Liam’s POV*
I breathed out, another live show tonight. We got use to perform on the stage, but still we got a bit nerves here and there. And like other weeks, our girlfriends were there to support us. But tonight, I saw Fathia was a bit different from her usual. She was a bit pale. I took her hand, “what happened, babe? Are you alright?” She bit her lower lip, I knew it was something bad, “Do you want to talk about it?” She looked over her shoulder and all the girls gave her a little nod, Fathia also nodded a little. Then, she dragged me in the corner of the room, she squeezed my index fingers, I looked at her, concerned, “What is it?” Once again Fathia looked at the girls, I did too. But this time, the girls and the boys looked concern at us. “Liam.” Fathia said my name sounded unsure, I turned to look at her, “I’m...I’m....I’m pregnant.” I was going to be a dad. The feeling after her telling to me was like fireworks in my heart. I was not ready for this. “And you’re the daddy.” Her saying snapped me back.
Alright boys, your turn to the stage is in a minute. So hurry up!” A crew said that to us, and hurried us to the spot near the stage. I ran and followed the crew so did the boys. I looked back, and her body was shaky, the girls soothed her.
I was not really paying attention to the hosts, until Louis nudged my elbow, I instead said, “I’m having a baby.” “Wooho.. Liam, that was the impressive way to gain vote from the audience.”
*** To be Continued***

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